Credits & Dedications

I hope you have found your visit to eThe Translation Libraryf helpful and informative. This website would never have come into existence had it not been for some special individuals to whom I dedicate this page and rightly give credit.

First, thanks to the translators, hackers, editors and others that have brought into English some of the best visual novels and games created in Japan. Without you I would never have become interested in these games or read some great stories.

Secondly thankyou to Shii for his visual novel translations website which I have followed for many years. His simple and easy-to-read site is what inspired me to create eThe Translation Libraryf.

Thirdly, thanks to Ayu for kindly providing me with hosting at

Lastly I would like to thank you the visitors of this site for taking an interest in this developing fandom. I hope you enjoy spending many hours playing and reading through some truly brilliant games.