Visual Novels: are in many respects simular to the choose-your-own adventure books. The reader chooses the path of the protagonist as they proceed throughout a set storyline. Playing the game multiple times and choosing different options often leads to separate events and good and bad ends for our character. These games often include anime-stylised character artwork, sound effects, musical scores and voiceovers.

Bishoujo: are games that simulate romance. Throughout a narrative your character will encounter many beautiful heroines. You will determine what actions your protagonist makes in trying to get to know and win over a particular girl. These games are often back-dropped by wonderfully engaging plots, which encompass interesting ideas and explore the myriad of human emotion.

Doujinshi: are self-published, fan created works i.e. manga, light novels, visual novels, videos or games. Whilst often the work of amateurs, some professionals may also create doujinshi in an effort to publicize material deemed commercially unviable. Some visual novel doujinshi that have enjoyed success and catapulted their creators onwards include 7th Expansion's Higurashi and Umineko, stage-nanafs Narcissu and Type-Moonfs Tsukihime.

Eroge: are Japanese games that feature erotic content, often with anime inspired characters. They come in many forms from visual novel and role-player-games to space invader type clones and card games.