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Latest News



An extremely well updated website that covers all the latest in visual novel translation news (maintained by zalas).

Another website that should be on the favourite list of any visual novels fan.  A brilliant place to find detailed reviews, news and demos (maintained by Mutio, Vatina & others).


Visual Novel Database

This website acts as a comprehensive database for visual novels and quite cleverly utilises wiki functionality to allow for a community approach to the gathering and updating of information. However for someone with limited time on his or her hands it may be a slightly ungainly way of trying to keep up-to-date, due to its scope. - Visual Novel Fan Translations

My favourite visual novel related website.  Comprehensively lists completed projects and progressing visual novel translations alike, keeps a simple and easy to read layout, which is a joy to navigate and until recently was dutifully kept up-to-date for at least some five years or more.  The Translation Library is a database inspired by and created to continue in the footsteps of Shiifs original initiative.

Internet Forums

Gemot Encubed

The gemot is an excellent place to meet up and discuss visual novels, ask for Japanese translation advice or find out the latest regarding various translation projects.

AnimeSuki / Game Forum

A board dedicated to gaming and in particularly Japanese games. A couple of translation projects such as Little Busters and DCPC initiated here.

HongFire Anime Network

This forum is a resource of information on anime, visual novels and Japanese gaming. An excellent place to find reviews, release dates and demo software. This website may be rather casual in its treatment of software piracy, but it is a useful source of information, with a larger than average user-base.

4chan / JP

If you can look past the rubbish posted youfll often find information on translation projects and updates by translators not found elsewhere.

Fan Translation




The TLWiki has become an assembly for a community devoted to the translation and enjoyment of visual novels. Everyone is welcome to contribute, hosting is supplied for new projects and the website is maintained by an enthusiastic and helpful TLWiki development team. The TLWiki has translated diverse titles with great stories including Chaos Head, Kikokugai, Saya no Uta and Sharin no Kuni.



One of the first and best translation groups around. Allowed Narcissu, Planetarium, True Remembrance and Wind to be brought to an English audience and organised the successful al|together community translation event of 2008.

Haelepes awendende

The founder of the gemot forums, who has kindly assisted many projects and written/hacked the tools required for importing English scripts into various visual novels. Helped with the Kanon and Narcissu translation projects and organised al|together 2006.

Purchasing Games



A website were fans can purchase and download doujinshi visual novels directly from the authors.


These online merchants are the best way English-speaking customers have of importing Japanese visual novels. However as they are resellers you should be prepared for marked up prices.

Commercial Translations


JAST USA is a commercial English licensee, translator and distributor, with over fifty titles to their credit.  Starting in 1998, JAST has greatly aided in opening up the western market to visual novels.


Mangagamer is a newcomer commercial English licensee, translator and online distributor. Based in the Netherlands Mangagamer originally started off rather shakily, but have in recent months silenced critics by improving their translations, revamping their webpage; and by picking up quality titles for localisation (i.e. Kira Kira, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, etc).

Lady Phoenixfs English Bishoujo Site

A website of reviews for commercial visual novels. However as it is no longer updated only older titles (i.e. Snow Drop, Desire, Divi-Dead, etc) have been rated, discussed and reviewed.

Fan Creation

The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine


Ever wanted to create your own visual novel? Well RenfPy is a free, cross-platform, game engine designed to allow you to do just that. Through a combination of words, pictures and sound you can create your own narrative using an easy and capable script language, designed with non-programmers in mind.


Lemma Soft Forums

The official renfai forums where you can track various projects, check out completed works, announce your own production, help out someone by contributing art, voice work or musical talent or just give your support.  Some of my favourite works include Songs of Araiah and Aquae Arc I.

The Ren'Ai Archive

The RenfAi Archive is a database of original English-language visual novels (OELVN) created using RenfPy. This useful database allows you to view titles by criteria, read captions, view screenshots and download these fan-created works.

Japanese Games Related:

Latest News / Database / Internet Forum

@ is a database and news website dedicated to the translation and modification of video games (i.e. ROMs). It features a huge collection of completed translations and game hacks for gaming enthusiasts; and a wide range of documentation and utilities for would be hackers. In addition the sites well-populated forums are very sociable and a fantastic way to keep up to date with your favourite on-going projects.