Visual Novels

Presumed Dead:

Percent: Title: Creator: Translation Team: Partial Patches: Translation Issues: Japanese Links:
100% Shuffle! Navel Game Patch 0.3 Alpha 2% Patch Missing translator, lost scripts & multiple websites/forums removed. Shuffle! fans should probably consider purchasing Mangagamer's recent English release if they are still waiting for this title. Getchu
100% To Heart 2 Leaf The Leaf Game Translation Group Presumed a hoax project by the majority of the visual novel community. Home
97% Dra+KoI / (Sabbat Nabe) Nitro+ LoSs @ Home
80% Doki Doki Oyako Lesson Tinker Bell Nephrinn 80% Patch Limited character spacing meant the translator had to use shorthand and summarise large quantities of the text. This limitation hampered the quality of the translation and as such the translator decided to move on to other projects. Getchu
80% Chross+Channel Flying Shine kurosu This project stalled in 2006 when the translator no longer had time left to dedicate to the translation. The translation team Amaterasu have recently completed their own translation of this title. Getchu
69% Sumaga Nitro+ TLWiki 30% Patch The TL Wiki translation team have entered into a collaborative partnership with English licensee Jast USA on all Nitro+ titles and have therefore removed all current patches and discontinued fan translation of Nitro+ works. Getchu
51% Demonbane Nitro+ TLWiki @ Getchu
35% Da Capo Plus Communication Circus AvatarST DCPC Alpha 35% Patch AvatarST dropped his translation of DCPC upon learning of Mangagamerfs licensing of the Da Capo title, which they have since released. Getchu
30% Yami to Boushi to Hon ORBIT SOFT duty86 Translation v0.3.2 The translation was halted indefinitely as the translator believed their skill in Japanese to be at present insufficient to finish the project. Getchu
30% May Queen 2 Kotori Afterwards Soft Circle Courreges Dark Translation Dark Themes Home
29% Masked Torturer Lilith Black Dark Translation 29% Patch Dark / Cruel Themes Home
25% Mizuiro Nekoneko ayashii gamesubs Dvd patch v0.25

Hiyori Route Standalone

ayashii gamesubs ended fan translation of this title after Hiyori's route was completed. Getchu
16.2% Gekkou no Carnevale Nitro+ TLWiki @ Getchu
10% Always Atlach Blue Lemma Blue Lemma stopped this project due to problems with the translation of text based upon Japanese context and expression. Home
5% Jingai Makyou Nitro+ TLWiki @ Getchu