Japanese Games

2005 - 2006:


Release Date:

Genre: Creator: Translation Team: Platforms: Japanese Links:
Guardian of Paradise 28/08/2006 Action RPG Buster Aeon Genesis Win Home
Gadget Trial 26/08/2006 Advance Wars / VN Studio Kogado AstCd2, Clammerz, zalas & dovac Win Home
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI 12/04/2006 Turn- Based Strategy Koei Various Win Home
Ys II: Complete 24/08/2005 Action RPG Falcom Deuce & Nightwolve Win Home
Cave Story 19/08/2005 Platform Advent- ure Studio Pixel Aeon Genesis Win Home
Ys I: Complete 19/03/2005 Action RPG Falcom Deuce & Nightwolve Win Home
Front Mission 24/02/2005 Tactical RPG Square Front Mission Translation Project SNES
Romance of the Three Kingdoms X 22/02/2005 Turn- Based Strategy Koei 3K Game VN Forum Win Home

2000 - 2004:

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys 25/12/2004 Action RPG Falcom Deuce & Nightwolve PC- Engine  
Star Ocean 31/12/2003 Role- Playing Game tri-Ace & Square Enix DeJap Translations SNES  
Akuji the Demon 23/10/2003 Platform Advent- ure Buster D Win Home
Xak III - The Eternal Recurrence 08/10/2002 Action RPG Micro Cabin NEC Paul England & NightWolve PC- Engine  
Bahamut Lagoon 16/06/2002 Tactical RPG Square DeJap Translation, Neill Corlett & Tomato SNES  
Live a Live 25/12/2001 Role- Playing Game Square- soft Aeon Genesis SNES  
Clock Tower - The First Fear 10/09/2001 Advent- ure Human Aeon Genesis SNES  
Wonder Project J 15/08/2001 Sim / RPG Enix WakdHacks SNES  
Violinist of Hameln 21/01/2001 Action RPG Enix StoveTop, Anusp & J2e Translation SNES  
Seiken   Densetsu 3 27/08/2000 Action RPG Square- soft LNF Translation, Neill Corlett & SoM2Freak SNES  
Tenchi Muyo 19/04/2000 Tactical RPG Banpresto LNF Translations SNES